Tuesday, 29 November 2016



(Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University CODE-810)

Approved by AICTE, Ministry of HRD, Government of India and affiliated to Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University, Uttar Pradesh, 

The extent of success a person may achieve will strongly depend on his /her personality. 
Personality in simple terms is the behaviors, attitude or thoughts that an individual 
may undergo. It may also include the personality trait which keeps the individual unique 
when compared to others. The formation of the personality of an individual is something 
which happens from childhood itself. The individuals must be exposed to positive 
changes which in a way have impact on their behavior. 

In the present scenario, where in the specialized training is provided in every areas for 
development, personality development is also an area where in the individuals are given 
development courses to enhance the important personality traits or characteristics on 
a whole. Moreover, it also helps to bring up positive changes for the candidates with 
respect to their communication skills, personality, behavior and thought etc. Personality 
development courses may help the individuals to improve in all the dominant areas 
where in they are lagging behind. 

Infact, Modern corporate world revolves round packaged personalities in this era of 
packaging. Even the quality products with bad packaging disappear from the market fast.
packaged personality contains charming appearance, good dress sense, confident look, fine 
style of speaking, informative conversation etc. A packaged personality is your strongest 
winning edge in career-building. 
Everyone is influenced by an attractive personality. And without influencing others you can’t 
get success in today’s competitive world. Therefore the importance of personality development has risen very much. 

Some years ago parents rarely gave any importance to personality development of their 
children. Emphasis was given only on physical appearance and expertise in work. But 
now the time has changed. It is an age of competition and economic revolution. 
Although opportunities of progress are everywhere yet a student has to work very hard 
to climb the stairs of a brilliant career. The person having a good personality can move 
through the difficulties with more confidence. 

Many people still think that personality is related to physical appearance of a person. If a 
person is well-built and wearing a good dress it is said that he/she is having a good 
personality. But it is not a rational approach. In case the inner personality of a person is 
weak he/she will lose impact as soon as he/she speaks or behaves. Such a person fails to 
create a lasting impression on others. Rising in career graph becomes a very difficult 
task. Therefore both inner and outer personality of a person should be strengthened.

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